Matthew Massa

Matthew Massa is a Vancouver based Outdoor Adventure Photographer and Social Media Influencer. His thirst for travel began in 2013 when he set out for a 16-month backpacking trip. He quickly fell in love with the uncertainty and freedom that traveling offered. 

From the hustle and bustle of the street markets in South East Asia. To the sun-kissed beaches of Australia. Matthew has explored over 18 countries, with plans to embark on many more expeditions to challenge his photography skills.

Matthew can often be found near his hometown of Vancouver exploring the surrounding alpine. His obsession for hiking and the outdoors was born in the Pacific North West and was beautifully paired with a deep passion for photography. 

He has personally grown his Instagram account to over 60,000 followers, freelancing his work. This has allowed Matt to gain valuable experience dealing directly with companies and marketing teams.

Instagram: @thismattexists